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Active in the moulding of rubber, silicone and plastic items since 1980.
The company, established in Genoa Nervi and initially called Sige Gomma, has always adopted the policy of focusing on the quality offered and the services provided to its customers, offering complete and customised solutions.

Through continuous research in the sector and periodic innovation of its equipment, the company has been able to continuously increase its market share so that in 2001, it was necessary to move its entire operations to its current 2400 m2 building in the industrial area of Serra Riccò in the province of Genoa.

With newer and larger spaces available, we were able to reorganise our production and logistics as well as activities related to controlling raw materials and production
The Company is able to provide its customers with a complete service: from the design and construction of the mould, to the moulding and packaging of the finished product.

In 2011, the entrance of new shareholders led to the reorganization of the company, and the company took on its current name.
Simast provides the outsourced production of technical, highly critical and reliable items that are inserted in complex systems in which there are often components more at risk.
Simast’s customers include top companies operating in the following areas:

  • subaqueous
  • electronics
  • hydraulics
  • military
  • medical
  • robotics
  • photovoltaics
  • cosmetics
  • oenological
  • naval
  • watchmaking
  • housewares

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Contact Info

  • Simast S.r.l.
  • Via Fratelli Canepa 134,
    16010 Serra Riccò (GE)
  • info@simast.eu
  • Phone: 010.7548078
  • Fax: 010.7540828