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Molding of rubber, silicone and plastics.

Co-molding with metal inserts

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From the design and

construction of the mold

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Machining Rubber

Molding and packaging

of the finished product.

Specialized in rubber, silicone and plastic material moulding.

Simast produces components in silicone rubber and thermoplastic components following the design provided by the customer in all its stages: from the design or from the idea of an item to the construction of the mould and moulding, up to packaging and storage in the warehouse.


Simast’s customers include top companies operating in the following areas:
  • subaqueous
  • electronics
  • hydraulics
  • medicinal
  • robotics
  • photovoltaics
  • oenological
  • naval
  • watchmaking
  • military
  • cosmetics
  • housewares

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