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About us
Our history

The Company was established in 1980 in Nervi - a district of Genoa - thanks to the intuition and to the spirit of sacrifice of our father, Silvestro Gagliano, and of his business partner, Giuseppe Zammitti.
After working for several years as employees in a rubber molding company, one as mold specialist and draughtsman, and the other as mix formulation and additive specialist, they joined forces and together established Sige Gomma, a small owner-operated company that stood out from the start for the quality of the products it manufactured.
The first customers, that still rely upon us after 40 years, were businesses operating in the diving field, for which the company mainly manufactured rubber masks and fins.
Over the years the company evolved, and thanks to ongoing research in the field and to the periodic renewal of its equipment and facilities managed to acquire a larger and larger market share, so much so that in 2000 the whole business had to be moved to the current 2400-square-metre plant, in the industrial area of the municipality of Serra Riccò, in the province of Genoa.
The availability of new and wider spaces allowed the Company to reorganise its production and logistics, an essential step to keep growing.
Thanks to the enthusiasm and the dedication our father conveyed us and after Zammitti left in 2010, the Company changed its shareholding structure and adopted its current name, Simast srl.
The company organisation was inevitably renewed and modernised, in terms of both production processes and management.
Over the years Simast has retained its identity as a small owner-operated business, dynamic and flexible, but it also looks ahead and strives to adapt to the demands of the global market.
Today the company successfully operates in multiple sectors, from diving to watchmaking, food, medical, industrial and military.

Our work

Today the company is managed by us, siblings Alessia, Andrea and Marco.
Thanks to the support and suggestions provided by our father, who today is the chairman of Simast, we strive to meet the challenges posed by increasingly competitive markets.
A major added value is the people working at the company who, thanks to their dedication and competence, manage to offer our customers a valuable service from every point of view.
The strong team spirit of Simast allows us to aim at ambitious targets and to increasingly strengthen our position in the market where we operate.
Over the years we have implemented a few major company renovation initiatives, but our mission has always remained the same: accompanying the customer through all operating stages - product design, mold manufacturing, production, assembly, packaging service and logistics - facing the challenges posed by today's market together.
Over the years we have selected a wide network of suppliers, starting from raw material manufacturers; thanks to the synergy we built over time, this allows us to design and manufacture along with our Customer the product that best meets its needs.
Today Simast stands out for the quality of the molded rubber and silicone parts, mostly highly critical technical items that are often part of complex systems, of which they are frequently the highest-risk component.