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Hobby and Sport

The history of our company started from these very fields: hobby and sport.
Among the first customers who relied on us were diving companies for which we initially produced large amounts of rubber fins, components for regulators, jackets and other technical items.
Among them we produced NBR co-molded brass pistons for the first stage of the regulator and of the oxygen rebreather provided to the armed forces of the Navy.
Over the years our customers evolved and we decided to follow them in this growth and innovation process.
Over time the products manufactured for this sector have become more complex and accurate, and we have adapted to meet the market demands, providing higher and higher quality products.
During these years we have specialised in the production of diaphragms and air dump valves for the regulators that today we manufacture for the main world companies in this sector.
In addition to these items, the range of products we mold for the diving sector includes mouthpieces, corrugated hoses and miscellaneous components for jackets, face seals and straps for masks, fabric-woven diaphragms for the first stage and many other items.
Today we can say we want to set the standard for the companies operating in this important sector, where primary Italian companies are still leaders.

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The ongoing strive to stay up-to-date has allowed our company to take the steps required to also operate in the field of medical devices.
Today this constantly evolving sectors requires greater and greater care, as well as tight compliance with the strict regulations on pharmaceutical and medical products issued by government bodies.
Over the years we have manufactured multiple items designed for the pharmaceutical and therapy field, almost all of them made of medical silicone.
Among them, in addition to some medical devices for the treatment of various diseases, we produce menstrual cups for multiple Italian and foreign brands, as well as cosmetics items and baby products.
Thanks to its physical and chemical characteristics, the medical silicone, both paste and LSR, is widely used in this field, where a product is required to ensure a total absence of bacterial proliferation and the possibility to be easily sterilised even at high temperatures, as silicon can withstand temperatures of over 200°C.

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Food & Beverage

Even products for the food sector require particular production measures, ensuring that the silicone does not release any harmful substance when in contact with food.
For this important sector, in which the use of silicone has become widespread in the last few years, we manufacture silicone household items, molds for the production of candies and chocolates in the confectionery industry, silicone glasses for bars and mass events, and various other products that must be certified to be suitable for food contact by the FDA.

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Thanks to a long cooperation with a leading company in this sector, we have gained more experience in the molding of rubber and silicone watch straps for the main watchmaking companies in the world.
This opportunity has allowed us to operate in a sector in which the precision and quality of the molded products are an essential requirement.
The mix between our strong small-business identity and our dynamic and flexible spirit allows us to offer our customers high-quality products, while retaining an extremely high productivity.

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Simast cooperates with the main compounders in the world to develop new materials for the production of items that require utmost reliability, even under the most extreme conditions.
That’s one of the reasons why we have been chosen by multiple companies operating in various industries, including petrochemical, electronics, shipbuilding, automotive, energy, water and more.
These fields require particular attention to details, as well as the strictest safety, in terms of materials and of molded piece quality.
That’s why we are constantly evolving and striving to stay up-to-date, to ensure that our customers can have a reliable partner.