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Simast allows its customers to receive a comprehensive service.
In addition to molding, in fact, we offer several services that are complementary to production.
Our know-how allows us to provide a high-quality and extremely competitive service even for all the accessory services that complement the supply of a product.

Assembly and packaging
The assembly and packaging of different components into a single end product ensures a better management of the job order as a whole.
More specifically, being able to rely on a single supplier who can produce, assemble and package the parts ensures several benefits: a more effective control of the whole production cycle, a reduction of production times and costs, savings on the component transport and transfer costs, as well as a full customisation of the most demanding treatments.

Graphics customisation
Since 2019 we have had a department where we customise the products using the pad printing technique. Thanks to constant R&D and to the study of new materials, Simast can provide the pad printing service even for the most innovative and challenging materials, including silicone.

The Simast warehouses, recently restructured and renovated, allow customers, upon request, to manage the logistics of the products we manufacture for them.
Storage, packagings and shipping to the addresses provided to us are a further plus that allows us to stand out and that is increasingly appreciated by the companies with which we cooperate.